This Indestructible Military-Inspired Smartwatch You NEED To Know About…

| | Jack Evans


Summary of Article: Smartwatches are amazing life helpers and becoming more and more popular. Unlike other watches, you don’t have to charge this one on a daily basis: Battery life is up to 33 months! It’s also extremely durable thanks to its 4th generation Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber construction. It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers much more than just timekeeping functions.

Worried about damaging that fragile smartwatch you paid so much for? Hesistant to even buy a pricy smartwatch because they can so easily get damaged? This breakthrough in smartwatch tech may be what you’re looking for…

Track your steps and heart rate, make a purchase, get social media notifications, call an uber, and even function as a hotel room key! There are just some of the amazing features of smartwatches these days.

It’s no surprise that smartwatches are so popular nowadays—everyone seems to be getting one!

There’s just one big problem: smartwatches are unprotected and can easily get damaged. Since you’re wearing it on your wrist there’s no room to put a shatterproof protective case on your smartwatch like you would on your mobile phone.

Other Smartwatches Have Weak Glass That Breaks Often

In the course of living your life and wearing a smartwatch it’s only matter of time before it gets: bumped, cracked, or smashed.

That means paying a hefty fee to get your smartwatch repaired or worse replaced!

Thanks to new breakthrough military technology, there’s a new type of smartwatch that’s super robust (nearly shatterproof) and yet very stylish!

Introducing the Tactical V3 HR Watch:

What is it?

A Small group of elite former military engineers wanted a watch so tought that a soilder could wear it in the heat of war. A smartwatch that can take a beating and keep on ticking!

They used recently declassified military tech to come up with the ultimate smartwatch. Both stylish and super tough!

The Tactical V3 HR Is Almost Unbrekeable

After lots of frustration and failed attempts, the elite engineers finally cracked it…

The Tactical V3 HR Watch is born. 

This “James Bond” watch is stunning, and super cool. It’s tough as a kevlar vest, more stylish than an iWatch, and very easy to use.

How is The Tactical V3 HR Watch So Tough?

Cutting edge Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating protects the V3 HR Watch, making it SUPER TOUGH…

The Tactical V3 HR Watch comes ready for the “combat” of daily life. Demanding physical job? Extreme workouts and outdoor sports? No problem, this smartwatch can get through without so much as a nick or stratch.

What’s more, this smartwatch is also dust and waterproof. It can withstand the toughest situations with no problems at all…

Your Tactical V3 HR Watch will leave the expensive ‘weakling’ smartwatches in the dust. Once you experience the strength and versatility of this robust military grade smartwatch, you’ll never look back!

What is the Tactical V3 HR Capable of?

💧 IP67 Water Resistant – No water, dust, or dirt will soak into the smartwatch
🧡 Heart Rate Tracking – Check your real-time heart rate
💎4th Generation Glass – Chemically strenghtened glass, designed to be thin, light and damage-resistant
🛡️ 316L Stainless Steel – More resistant to corrosion and pitting
💤 Sleep manager – Go to bed and get wake up at the optimum time for you
🍕 Calorie counter – It improves your eating habits and your chances of losing weight 
💬 Receive notifications – Keep your phone safe in your pocket 
📱 Sync to both iPhone and Android – Supports IOS and Android
🔋 180MAH Li-ion battery  Long life, super-efficient, less annoying recharges
👀 3D Interface – Friendly interfacte to easily see at a glance one’s daily activities, sleep information, and more
🏃 Accelerometer – Track your current speed and distance, even on a treadmill

The Tactical SmartWatch is for People Who Want the Most Out of Life.

Whether it’s an Apple, Sony, or Samsung, the days of wearing boring fragile smartwatches that look like mini-computer screens are over.

Tactical V3 HR Watch is the ‘Alpha Male’ of the smartwatch world. It’s designed to thrive in a world of danger, adventure, and action. All while sporting a stylish and slick design!

Does Tactical V3 HR Live Up to its Promises?

There are so many tactical watches on the market but this one is the BEST. It’s so strong and easy to use, and i love the battery lifetime as well. It looks great on my wrist.”
Peter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Finally a smartwatch you don’t have to constantly worry about breaking (and i’ve broken 3 myself before the Tact Watch!). Worked great, looks cool. Love it!”
Mariah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I was very impressed with how solid it feels. I could probably drive a truck over it! This is a strong, durable and versatile smart watch.”
Quentin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

How Much Does the V3 HR Cost?

You would expect a watch this good to be anywhere between 250US$-500US$+, so the retail price of 192US$ is way below our expected range!

HOWEVER, do you know what’s better than paying the already good full 192US$ price?

Their 50% promotional discount, where you can order yours for just 96US$! They also included FREE shipping, which is always nice!

How Can It Be So Affordable??

Did you know big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and boss bonuses? Can you guess who’s paying for that? Yep, us the customers…

The V3 HR spends nothing on any of this. They only sell online, don’t advertise on TV and don’t have greedy owners who demand ridiculous bonuses.

They prefer to let their devices and positive reviews do the talking for them!

Why Is It Discounted Right Now?

It’s a very common business tactic these days. They give a certain amount of customers a big discount, to try and get a lot of positive reviews and free social media attention!

The good news for you is, we have the links to their best promotions right here!

Be aware they could go back to full price once it goes viral and demand grows, so order fast!

Conclusion: Is the V3 HR Watch really worth it?

After putting this watch through a battery of testing and punishment, it passed with flying colors. Our entire staff were blown away by the T1. Even the ladies loved it. Here our internal assessment of the Pros and Cons:


  • Extreme Durability
  • Intuitive and Very Easy to Use
  • Stylish and Professional Design


  • No fragile touchscreen. It’s completely unnecessary!

Bottomline: Whether you sit at a computer all day, or work a heavy duty physical job, the Tactical V3 Hr Watch is the ‘smart’ choice versus the conventional weak, ugly and hideously expensive smartwatches on the market!

How To Get a Tactical V3 HR Watch?

Now that you are aware of this amazing smart watch, and if it’s still in stock, here is how to get them:

1) Order your Tactical V3 HR Watch from the official website.

2) Enjoy your nearly indestructible smart watch!