This Revolutionary Shower Head Upgrades Your Water Pressure While Protecting You From Its Impurities

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Your water pressure can be increassed!

Tired of dealing with low water pressure? Well… I have good news! Now won’t need to install an expensive pump, gauger, or water pressure regulator. Just use the laws of physics! It’s how Eco Shower Spa works. Equipped with 140 tiny openings, Eco Shower Spa improves your water pressure.  Now, as your low-pressured water runs through this shower-head, its flow rate will increase drastically.

Eco Shower Spa the high pressure shower head that’s setting sales records across the usa

Eco Shower Spa, originally released as a startup project in Florida, has now gained unprecedented popularity in the shower head market all across the USA. All this can be credited to its easy to install, high pressure, filtration features.

The manufacturer understands how inefficient and stressful it is to live in a home with low water pressure. Now you can enjoy a high pressured shower instead of struggling to rinse off your soap and shampoo. This is one of the main purposes behind the creation of this innovative product.

Many love its design, but most love the benefits that come with it

Alpenforce is not only able to upgrade your water pressure, but will also neutralize all the harmful impurities running through our water. Including chlorine and limestone. This is possible thanks to a simple yet eye-pleasing solution – a collection of mineral beads placed inside its handle ( Vitamin C, tourmaline, germanium, clay). Shower lovers with dry and sensitive skin will finally be relieved from any annoying irritation thanks to chlorine getting filtered out by this invention.

Now, you can take advantage of a simple method to get a smooth and perfect skin in a comfortable home environment, without spending countless time and money on skin care products. Combat the problem at its source!

I live with my husband and two children, each of us take a shower once a day. I was able to repay the purchase of this showerhead in just 2 months of use by saving money on skincare”
Melissa White, a happy owner of the Eco Shower Spa

Sales of this new showerhead are increasing considerably. As of now, 10 million Americans are already using it. Most seem to love how its micro-openings increase the water pressure by up to 200%. As well as how its equipped with three different jet modes.

Eco Shower Spa is very easy to install. Thanks to its universal sized connector you can use your current shower-head hose and have it working in less than 5 minutes!

It took me 30 seconds to install it. Just unscrew the old head and screw in the new one. It’s very light and handy (0.5 pounds, +/- the weight of an iPhone).”
John from Boston

Thousands of users have already noticed a smoother skin, a reduction in wrinkles, better hydration, less visible blackheads and much lower water consumption.

With my old showerhead I could not choose the flow rate. With Eco Shower Spa, I can choose between the 3 modes. After the first use, I noticed that the irritations lessened. After 15 days, my skin and hair became healthier & I found a new way to relieve my muscular tension”
Chloe Lane from Austin

What makes Eco Shower Spa so special?

Its unique cleansing abilities are not the only feature that lets this powerful showerhead stand out. Most people are unaware that a showerhead can save them money.

Thanks to the advanced technology in the nozzle, Eco Shower Spa pushes the water through smaller, denser openings. This increases the pressure by a huge 200%. It doesn’t just end there, the smart showerhead helps you cut down on water usage. Most people who use it are able to cut down their time in the shower by up to 30%, this will ultimately cut your water bill considerably!

These distinct features make Eco Shower Spa one of the most eco-friendly showerhead in the market today.

Upgrade your shower experience and save money with Eco Shower Spa!

Thanks to the 3 different settings, you can customize your shower depending on your preference. Whether it is massage, rainfall or jet spray you prefer, there is a setting to suit your taste!

Cleverly designed, a small perforated structure of the showerhead will let you enjoy your shower longer while saving up on water consumption!

Eco Shower Spa, a smart start-up product tested by thousands of shower lovers, does more than your ordinary shower head could handle.

So, is Eco Shower Spa worth purchasing?

It isn’t often that you get the opportunity to buy a life-changing showerhead. Once you’ve tried Eco Shower Spa, you will hardly ever want to use a different shower head model! There are no complicated functions that can make using this smart gadget confusing and changing between the 3 different settings couldn’t be simpler. Just replace your old ordinary showerhead with Eco Shower Spa — and you are ready to enjoy your shower like you never did before!

There is a reason why this new invention is setting records all across the US. Not only does it improve your shower experience, but it also saves you money. That is hard to get your hands on anywhere else.

The short-list of problem Eco Shower Spa can solve:
  • Upgrade your showers water pressure — Equipped with 140 tiny openings, Eco Shower Spa improves your water pressure. Now, as your low-pressured water runs through this showerhead, its flow rate increases drastically. Stop struggling to get your body properly cleaned.
  • Healthier hair and softer skin — Thanks to a collection of mineral beads placed inside its handle you can filter out chlorine with very little effort. If you get your water from the city and you aren’t filtering it in any way, then it’s very likely that there is chlorine in your shower water. Chlorinated water can cause a number of side effects. It is especially damaging to your skin and hair. Filtering chlorine out of your shower water makes your skin and hair a lot healthier
  • Eliminate the harmful health risks of chlorine in your shower water — Stop dealing with potential health issues (especially harmful to children) and enjoy the clean purified shower water it brings. Studies show that taking a 10-minute shower is equivalent to drinking 2 liters of chlorinated water. This is due to how chlorine can enter the body through skin absorption. Use Eco Shower Spa and filter out the chlorine from your shower.
  • Save moneyEco Shower Spa is a money-saving tool. Thanks to the increased water pressure you can shower a lot quicker and with less water. Saving you money on your next water bill. It also saves you money on any hospital bills you may have caused by the harmful side effects of the chemicals in your shower water. Thanks to its filtration feature, you can avoid the pain and stress that comes with these health issues.
Where can I buy it?

You can easily place your order online through the official website in the USA. The company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product during their launch period only. Moreover, they promise a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty if you will have some issues with the Eco Shower Spa.

NOTE: Don’t forget to buy Eco Shower Spa for your dearest & nearest, because they offer a discount for bulk purchases over 1 item!

Eco Shower Spa 50% OFF

Pay attention: If you are going to order Eco Shower Spa now, you will probably get free shipping and 50% off. And if that was not enough, they offer risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty. But be in quick, check if this offer is still available!

To check available Eco Shower Spa‘s offers, simply click on the “CHECK AVAILABLE OFFERS” button above. You’ll be redirected to the official website, where you can learn more about the product, service and read some fresh customer reviews.

UPDATE: The company behind the Eco Shower Spa has assured us that they will continue to operate unrestrictedly and to send out orders during the COVID-19 outbreak.