Why Are People So Frantic To Grab This New Smartwatch?

| | Jack Evans


Summary: This week, tons of people across the country have been clamoring to get this crazy watch before it gets sold out. Why is it so special?

These days, everyone and their mother has thought about grabbing themselves a smartwatch. But, they’re often overpriced and usually look like junk. To top it off- they’re infamously fragile, so they tend to just break anyway!

So, even though everyone knows about smartwatches, most people don’t wear one. Truth is, they were never worth the money.

…At least, that WAS the case. So, when this new watch came out of nowhere and started smashing all the trends and records, I just knew I had to take a look into it.

Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out…

What Is It?

It’s called the ECG Slim Plus.

It’s a patented European design that gives the experience of a smartwatch, with the more casual feel of a classic watch. You can customize the display to find a style that fits your own.

The first thing you notice is the build. Unlike most cheap plastic smartwatches, this one uses genuine leather in the strap- giving it a classy look, while treating your skin to a rich, smooth, rash-free watch-wearing experience.

But, what does it actually do?

Well, it does everything you expect in a smartwatch. Takes calls, tells the time, sets alarms, and all that stuff.

But, it’s the extra features that are really priceless- especially if you’re a sporty type.


So, Why’s The ECG Slim Plus So Special?

The ECG Slim Plus uses laser pulse technology to track health indicators. That means it measures your pulse, your blood pressure, and even your blood oxygen level!

That makes it a super handy tool to use in a workout, to check your performance and make sure you’re in the ‘fat-burning zone’ (like ~70% of your max)! In fact, it even tracks your performance in certain sports (as a basketball player myself, I love this part!)

You can even detect some heart problems this way with real-time alerts.

Personally, though, I think the most interesting feature is the fact that it can do an ECG scan.

What’s an ECG?

Doctors use Electrocardiogram (ECG) to assess your heart rate and rhythm. This test can often detect heart disease, heart attack, an enlarged heart, or abnormal heart rhythms that may cause heart failure.” 

In fact, cardiovascular diseaser are a world health problem right now:

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally. 4 out of 5 or 85% of CVD deaths are due to heart attacks and strokes.

So here’s what that means:

The ECG Slim Plus can give warnings and alerts that can help you if you have heart issues, especially while working out. And, at the same time, it can be a super useful tool to athletes, gym goers, and anyone who wants to maximize their performance.

In other words, this thing sells so much because it’s super useful to people all across the health spectrum– at least, that’s my theory!

Another big reason the ECG Slim Plus is so popular is…

It’s built to last.

Nothing is worse than investing a whole bunch of money in something that just breaks a week after you get it.

And yet people deal with that every day! Too many people buy crazy expensive smartwatches, then helplessly watch as they get destroyed by rain, showers, get dropped, crushed, or submemrged.

The ECG Slim Plus is built to handle falls- it’s built with tempered glass, and tough leather with a stainless steel buckle. 

On top of that, It’s completely waterproof. You don’t need to worry about getting it wet. In fact, you can wear it while swimming to track your heart rate and performance.

That’s what I lvoe most. You really get the feeling that you can take it anywhere, comfortably- it looks good, it won’t break, and it helps in any daily activity.

and much, much more!

What do you get in the ECG Slim Plus?

You get a TON– it’s almost ridiculous.

Here are the details on the features, straight from the manufacturer’s website:

⚡ ECG Monitoring
🩸 Blood Oxygen Monitoring
💓 Heartrate Sensor
Various ‘Sports Mode’ Tracking Settings
💤 Sleep Monitoring
📸 Remote Control Camera
Alarm Clock
💬 Real-Time Messaging Alerts
📞 Bluetooth Calling
🎵 Music Playing
🤖 MTK2502 + BMA425 Dual Chip
🔋 Ultra-Extended Battery Life
🏊‍♂️ IP68 Waterproof & Weatherproof
💪 Durable, Built to Survive Drops
🖥️ Ultra-High Screen Ratio Display– 91.18%
🔍 360×360 HD Resolution
🛡️ Crafted from Genuine Leather, With Tempered Glass & Stainless Steel Buckle
📱 Compatible With iOS & Android

Almost overwhelming isn’t it?

The simple fact is, it’s a smartwatch with health tracking function.

What Do You Use It For?

WIth a smartwatch this versatile, you can use it for pretty much anything.

Taking calls, sending messages, setting alarms with notifications. Checking the time, and staying on top of your work schedule.

You can keep on top of your health while exercising! Again- that incldues things like your heart rate, blood oxygen, and your recovery (it tracks the quality of your sleep too)!

It’s almost like a smartphone that you can get for a fraction of the cost, and use way more conveniently.


Q: What’s the battery life?
A: It depends on how you use it- but, you should be able to expect more than 30 hours with a full charge, on average.

Q: What functions does it have besides health alerts?
A: It takes care of all the functions of an ordinary smartwatch does. You can take calls, do messaging, set alarms and alerts, and play music. And, of course, you can do all that while tracking your sleep, heart rate, health alerts, blood oxygen, and all that good stuff I mentioned earlier in the ‘Features’ section.

Q: What if I don’t like it?
A: There’s no risk- this company gives a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

How Much Does the ECG Slim Plus Cost?

This is the really crazy part.

Usually a smartwatch of this grade goes for more than $300 or $400. In fact, one ECG test alone usually costs $50 if you do it at the doctor’s office.

The ECG Slim Plus goes for a much more reasonable $216, usually. Right now, it’s a whopping 50% off- and you can get it for just $108!

How Can It Be So Affordable?

I mean isn’t that weird? Just look at the value of each of its functions. An ECG scan is usually ~$50. A health tracking watch is typically $200, and a regular smartwatching is usually $250+.

Yeah. For the price of a trip to the grocery store, you get all those features, every day, forever.

Well nothing is too good to be true, right? We decided to look into the company to see how this apparent ‘miracle’ could be possible.

Well, we found out pretty quickly. Here’s the thing-

The distributor is entirely based online, so there are no overheads. These online retailers don’t need to drive up their prices to make a profit.

Conclusion- Is It Worth A Try?


If you have never owned a smartwatch – the ECG the perfect first time model.

Using the ECG Slim Plus you are sure to put your mind at risk about your heart and work on dieting and exercising to improve your heart health too!

The ECG Slim Plus feels like an expensive 500$ Watch. It’s packed full of all the best features too. 

The price is the cherry on top. If it’s still on promotion for under 120$ – pick one up while you still can

Just in case you could’nt tell- I LOVE mine! I think you will, too. Hopefully you cacn get your before they sell out!

Where Can I Buy the ECG Slim Plus Smartwatch? 

Easy-peasy! The only problem is if it sells out before you visit the site.

Here’s what to do:

Just order the ECG Slim Plus from the official ECG Slim Plus retailer, here.

TIP: If you see a discount on the website, it’s probably selling out fast.


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