Discover the New Fashion Craze that has So Many Men in the US Wearing This Smartwatch In Style!!

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Summary: I was pretty skeptical about smartwatches and what they could do. They are a big fashion fad nowadays; everybody seems to be in the market for a new one. But they have always seemed too expensive for what they offer.

Still, I was curious to try this new model that was selling out so fast; I wanted to check out if people were right to hype its health functions and innovative design.

The basics: there’s a new model of smartwatch that’s causing waves among male buyers in the US. Rumors that it might save your life thanks to its health functions have this device selling thousands of units.

So What Is the Blu Watch?

First of all,  to make sure the buyer enjoys  premium quality it’s made out of the best materials by a top tech company. The build is able to compete with big name watches.

It’s also very sturdy: a screen made of tempered glass and an aluminium shell, which makes the model extra resistant to the wears and tears of everyday use.

That’s for the outside, but let’s take a look at what’s inside the device: You can count on all the specs any quality smartwatch has: step count, alarm, notifications, sleep app…

And the thing that makes the Blu smartwatch stand out from other models…

What Makes the Blu so Special?

The Blu has a special laser inside its mechanism. It can measure your current pulse/heart, blood pressure or oxygen levels. On top of all that it can also give you an ECG!

And what’s an ECG?

ECG stands for Electrocardiogram, a tool used by doctors to monitor your heart rate and rhythm. When these parameters differ from the usual stats then the ECG can be used to identify problems like an enlarged heart, heart disease, even heart attacks ”–

Most people might think they aren’t at risk, but they can be dangerously wrong…

Heart diseases (CVDs) are the number 1 cause of death globally. 4 out of 5 or 85% of CVD deaths happen as consequence of heart attacks and strokes.2 “– the World Health Organisation

The Blu has a function to keep watch over your heart, and in case anything is out of the ordinary it will set off an alarm immediately. The extra time this alarm gives you to find help might save your life…

Spotting those at risk of CVDs and making sure they get the appropriate treatment can be crucial in preventing premature death.3 “ – the World Health Organisation

It’s easy to see why keeping track of your heart’s health from your own watch is such an attractive feature!

No wonder the Blu is a top seller — it’s a potentially life-saving device!

But this watch is not just useful…


It also looks so classy!

Whenever one thinks about the word “smartwatch” one imagines the same boring gadget: fragile and uninspired look, with the same small square screen… Not exactly appealing to male users! 

The Blu is not like those models. It’s made for men.

You will know just by looking at it: a timeless design, which looks even better when worn in real life.

This premium watch has a classy design, sporting a big watch face in a round Chrono-style and straps made from high quality materials like leather and steel, to match the face.

But what are the watch’s specifics?

You get a lot for its value, as the Blu is full of useful and potentially life saving characteristics:

💓 ECG, Heart rate, Blood pressure – 24/7 health monitoring that could save your life
⚽ State-of-the-art Fitness tracking – Keep track of your workout progress
🚶‍♂️ Step counter – Set your fitness goals, stay active and healthy
💤 Sleep manager – Watch over your sleeping habits to keep a healthy routine
🍕 Calorie counter – Achieve better, healthier eating habits
🔋 380MAH Li-ion battery – Fewer annoying recharges, as this battery has long life
🖥️ Big 1.3inch Display – Big display for better touch and reading, HD clear quality
🏋️ Sedentary Warning – Helps you lead a more active life
🧐 Great Styling – Made for men, with a classic, sturdy look
💧 IP67 Water Resistant – You can wear it while swimming or showering
💬 Calls and notifications – No need to take out your phone to receive them
📱 Sync to both iPhone and Android – Compatible with Android and IOS
🎵 Music control – Manage the volume or skip songs as you wish
😟 Anti-loss function – If you  ever lose your smartphone; the Blu can call it
📸 Take a photo – Take pictures with your phone via the Blu

and many more functions!

The Blu combines the best characteristics of a premium watch AND an specialized health tracking device.

Try it for yourself and the Blu will become your constant companion and essential fashion accessory!

You’ll have your assistant, your coach and a health expert always at the touch of your fingers.

But What About The Price?

Here’s the GOOD NEWS.

For this quality anyone would expect to pay 300US$-600US$+ at least; this makes the Blu’s market price of 199.99US$ quite a steal!

But even BETTER than getting this extraordinary gadget at its full 199.99US$ price it’s the discount offer live right now: 50% off! Which would set you back only  99US$ plus free shipping thrown in the bargain.

Consider all the functions this device offers, including how it takes care of your health! It feels even more of an opportunity when you consider big name brands charging up to 5 times that price for the same features.

Why Is The Price So Low?

Unlike big brands the makers of the Blu have decided not to pay BILLIONS on ads, bonuses for the executives, or brick and mortar shops. Those are the things that end up fattening the price – which the customer will then have to pay!

Instead the Blu only sells only, and it doesn’t need publicity on traditional media like television, nor does it charge customers for the money the bosses are going to make.

How can it sell without advertisement? Simple: through word of mouth. That’s how confident the makers of the Blu smartwatch are on their product.

And What About The Discount Offer?

It’s a marketing technique. Lowering the price will allow more customers to purchase the item, and in turn these customers will leave good reviews of it and rave about the product on social media. That’s how good the Blu is!

That means you can take advantage of such a strategy, and here we’ll explain exactly how. But this product might up its price once the offer is over, so don’t take too long thinking it over.

What’s to think about, anyway? Our conclusion: BUY it asap.

You will easily see the reason behind the popularity of the Blu watch and why it has sold many thousands of units.

This model is specially nice for use if you have never worn a smartwatch before, the perfect first device.

Plus there’s the confidence that in wearing it you will also be caring for your health in many ways: from becoming more active to developing better eating habits.

And if that wasn’t enough there’s the incredible price tag. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the offer and take this smartwatch home for less than 300US$ – it’s bound to sell out.

The Blu can give the expensive models from big brands a run for their money, and it has all the benefits you’d expect from high end brands. If you buy it it will feel as if you were wearing a 500US$ watch.

It’s not surprising that my overall personal take on the Blu is: GREAT device. The best you can get, considering quality and price.

How Can I Buy the Blu Smartwatch?

Very easily:

1️⃣ Here: Order it directly from the official Blu store.
2️⃣ Sit back and let a beautiful watch take care of both your health and style 24/7

Not Convinced Yet? Here’s our panel of experts raving about the Blu and its many benefits:

The perfect buy for those who want to look over their health while looking good. And since has one of the most competitive prices in the market, you will not regret the purchase.”
Michelle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

My favorite thing is the superb battery. I hate it when you have to constantly recharge your watch. In that sense the Blu is way above others in the market, and at incredibly cheap price, less than US$200″
Mike ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’m a very active person, so I need a smartwatch that can keep up. Gym, running, swimming, the Blu took it all like a champ – and there wasn’t even a mark on him. Incredible At the promo price, I absolutely recommend it.”
Veronica ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Join them in enjoying the advantages of the Blu smartwatch!

Our advice: Don’t put your order off and hurry because the excellent discount price has the Blu selling like crazy in the US at the moment.


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