Keep you and your loved ones safe with this sanitizing gun that’s revolutionizing the health industry.

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Summary: With all this situation going on all around the world, everyone wants to be safe and clean. People come in contact with millions of bacteria, microbes, and viruses every single day. Due to this, there is an urge to sanitize and disinfect ourselves and our surroundings many times a day.

Other solutions like hydrogel or wet wipes are that they are not 100% effective or cannot be used on all surfaces. The worst part? They leave that annoying and uncomfortable sticky residue… And if you add the cost of buying these items every week, the money could build up pretty fast.

Can you imagine a simple gadget that will increase efficiency and safety with the press of a single button? Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, that gadget exists. With this effective and easy-to-use item, people are saving hundreds every month and effectively eliminating bacteria and microbes from any surface or body part without any kind of residue.

Where are those microorganisms and why is it so important to disinfect everything?

Germs, microbes, bacteria, viruses… They are everywhere! At the office, on public transportation, in restaurants, even at home. Unfortunately, It’s impossible to live 100% clean…

Our hands are in constant contact with a given number of surfaces throughout the day, on a daily basis! Making them prone to be filled with germs and bacteria. On each hand, people can carry up to 5 million bacteria!!!

Now, consequently, the worst part is that your hands come in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and numerous parts of your body. That means you have a very high risk of catching any kind of disease or sickness.

These microorganisms are the cause of thousands of sicknesses, respiratory problems, allergies, and countless other damaging health problems. But thanks to BactOut, getting rid of all these harmful germs is a lot easier and hassle-free.

Why is BactOut revolutionizing the health industry?

BactOut is a simple gadget designed to disinfect your environment and keep everyone around you safe by spraying a nano mist on whatever surface and improving the effectiveness of the sterilization with its blue-ray.

The spray gun is equipped with a high-pressure water pump. Liquid coming out from the wireless BactOut steam spray gun will do it in a nano mist and it will be under room temperature thanks to its high-tech copper nozzle.

Compared to other solutions, not only you will be able to disinfect your hands but you can also easily sanitize any surface with the simple press of a button from a safe distance reducing the chances of any microorganism getting in contact with you or your loved ones.

The technology inside BactOut doesn’t only increase safety and efficiency, it also helps us save hundreds every month. This is possible thanks to the nano mist technology and the mist regulator that makes us control the amount sprayed every time it is used.

What makes BactOut the perfect solution everybody was waiting for?

💰 Saves money: Stop buying wet wipes and hydrogel every month. Regulate the spray intensity to avoid excessive use of the liquid.
🗑️ Doesn’t leave any annoying residue: The nano mist ejected from the nozzle makes the liquid very comfortable to the touch with leaving any sticky residues on any surfaces or your own skin.
😄 Safe and Easy to use: No complicated instruction manuals, just point and shoot! With the press of a single button, disinfect any surface from a safe distance.
🦠 Eliminates 99.999% percent of microorganisms: Get rid of microbes, germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, and odors.
⚡ Blue-Ray Technology: The technology increases the effectiveness of sterilization exponentially.
🔋 Rechargeable long-lasting battery life: Lasts up to 70 minutes with a quick 2-hour full charge

How do I use BactOut?

You can use BactOut on any kind of surface and place. Tables, chairs, handles, railings, and much more!

After sanitizing any kind of surface, you can disinfect your own hands to minimize any kind of risk of getting microbes on your hands and spreading it all over your body.

BactOut is so easy to use even children could use it effectively.

Step 1: Charge BactOut’s rechargeable battery 🔌
Step 2: Fill up the container with liquid 💧
Step 3: Point and shoot! 🔫

With this simple 3-step process you will disinfect any and all surfaces effectively. The best part is that the Blue-Ray included on the nozzle increases its chance of getting rid of all microorganisms.

Where can I use BactOut?

BactOut can be used on a wide range of surfaces and locations.

🏠 At home
🖥️ Office desk and supplies
🚍 Bus, train, airplane, taxi…
🌳 Public parks
🍺 Bars and restaurants
🛋️ Curtains, upholstery, car interiors
👗 Clothes
💪 Your skin
👍 And much more

What is the technology behind BactOut that makes it work like wonders?

BactOut is small but it is packed with lots of features that are incredible technological advancements in the industry, making it a high-quality gadget to sanitize everything.

The nanospray port is powerful enough to spray a mist from a safe distance to avoid any contact with the surfaces you want to sanitize, eliminating the risk of contaminating yourself.

It’s small enough to take it anywhere you go to be safe and ready for whenever you need to sanitize a surface. It will perfectly fit in your backpack or bag. If you’re thinking about battery life… Well, with a full charge it lasts up to 70 minutes! Perfect for putting it in your luggage for traveling and camping.

Thanks to its high-quality materials and state-of-the-art nanospray you will have no problem at all. Don’t worry about it corroding, reacting to chemicals, or breaking easily. BactOut is here to stay with you for a very long time.

Proven to kill a wide range of viruses and bacteria. Kills 99,999% of food-borne bacteria. Effective against pet dander, dust mite, and cockroach allergens. And if you’re not satisfied with that, it will also kill any kind of malodors coming from smoke, trash, and even urine and fecal odors!

With its amazing Blue-Ray technology, the chances of getting rid of all of the above increases exponentially as it maximizes the effect of the sterilization.

The ergonomic design and anti-slip handle will make it safe and convenient to hold. Never waste the liquid in your BactOut by avoiding accidental pressing thanks to the safety switch included. And you will also be able to adjust the intensity of the spray with the regulator.


  • Gets rid of all the 99.99% of microorganisms
  • EPA registered hospital desinfectant
  • Increased effectiveness thanks to the Blue-Ray
  • Allergen and odor eliminator
  • Saves you hundreds of dollars on wet wipes and hydrogel
  • Take it anywhere you go to be safe
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Rechargeable battery that will last up to 70 minutes on a full charge.
  • High-quality and durable materials


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